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Traditional, tempurized and special rolls


Traditional rolls

California. Stick of crab, avocado and cucumber ... 8,55 €

Shake Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber ... 9,45 €

Maguro Tuna, asparagus and cucumber ... 9,45 €

Smoke Smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives and crispy ... 9,45 €

Spicy tuna. Spicy tuna, avocado and chives ... 9.90 €

Light. Asparagus, avocado, lettuce and cucumber ... 9.00 €

Tempurized rolls

Yamaguchi. Salmon, cream cheese and surimi ... 12,60 €

Tochigi. Spicy tuna, cream cheese and chives ... 13,50 €

Iwate Ebi, cream cheese, chives and avocado covered in salmon and panko ... 13,50 €

Akita Teriyaki chicken and roasted asparagus ... 12,60 €

Special rolls

Ibaraki Salmon, chives, cream cheese covered with salmon ... 12.60 €

Saitana Shrimp in tempura, avocado covered in salmon ... 13.05 €

Nagano Tempura shrimp, avocado covered in sea bream with acevichada sauce ... 13.50 €

Yamanashi Anguilla, salmon covered with avocado and eel with kabayaki sauce ... 13,95 €

Toyama Cooked salmon, roasted asparagus topped with avocado and spicy tuna ... 13,95 €

Fukui Salmon, tuna, tobikko, dorada covered in avocado ... 13.50 €

Shiga. Shrimp breaded, avocado covered with ceviche ... 13,95 €

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Traditional, tempurized and special rolls: Menu and menu of the day de Kibera Senses
Traditional, tempurized and special rolls: Menu and menu of the day de Kibera Senses
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