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Special cold dishes and hot dishes


Special cold dishes

Tuna tataki. Semi-cooked tuna fillet with soy sauce and ginger ... 14.85 € 

Tiradito criollo. Gilthead cuts, lime and yellow pepper ... 13,50 €

Tuna tartar with truffle. Tuna tartare with truffle and egg yolk ... 15.75 € 

Kibera salad Season leaves, shrimp, varieties of fish, seaweed with wafu sauce ... 12,60 €

Seaweed salad Variety of seaweed, cucumber and radish with sesame and soy sauce ... 11,25 €

Hot dishes

Ebi yasai tempura Shrimp tempura and vegetables ...14.85 € 

Teriyaki salmon. Salmon with teriyaki sauce, sautéed vegetables and gohan ... 14,85 €

Chicken teriyaki Chicken breast with teriyaki sauce, sautéed vegetables and gohan ... 14,40 €

Beef teppanyaki Beef tenderloin with teppanyaki sauce, sautéed vegetables and gohan ... 17,55 €

Curry Katsu. Pork breaded over rice and Japanese curry ... 14.85 € 

Gomoku yakimeshi. Sauteed rice with prawns and chicken ... 11,70 €

Gohan. Steamed white rice with furikake ... 3,60 €

Yakisoba Soba noodles sautéed in wok with prawns and vegetables ... 11.70 € 

Children's dish "For the little ones"

Torikatsu with rice. Battered chicken strips with rice ...12.60 € 

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Special cold dishes and hot dishes: Menu and menu of the day de Kibera Senses
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